OtG Director's Cut - Before The Ghost Vanished feat. Kelly Pavlik >>>

OtG OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD | Thurs. July 31, 2014

Take a trip through the vast ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG interview archives with OtG Director's Cut. Over the years ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG has built a catalog of the most in-depth interviews in boxing, now you're invited to hear these moments from OtG history as never before. This program takes a turn off the beaten path, by focusing on the deepest cuts from the OtG vaults.

Join OtG Director's Cut with Suge Green and Natasha Aiello, and get as close as you can get to the heart and mind of a fighter without stepping inside the ring. If you have a comment or suggestion for a future episode of OtG Director's Cut call the OtG PUNCH LiNE 24/7 at (818) 574 1776.

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OtG Heavyweights of BOXiNG Talk - Jennings vs Perez Wrap-up & Big Daddy Browne vs Rudenko Preview >>>

OtG OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD | Tues. July 29, 2014

OtG's Heavyweights of BOXiNG Talk with Nino Celic and Irish Paddy Cronan, features the most compelling talk on the sport's open division. Skip the scales and head straight into the OtG ring with this OtG Europe combo.

ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG's Central European Correspondent, Nino Celic is the region's most prolific boxing writer, having served as Editor-in-Chief of Germany's two largest boxing websites. Irish Paddy Cronan is ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG's Western European Correspondent, an international player with a watchful eye on the worldwide boxing scene. Join this OtG Europe tandem for talk that packs a heavyweight punch - ONTHEGRiND. If you'd like Nino and Paddy to share your questions or comments on an upcoming episode, call the OtG PUNCH LiNE 24/7 at (818) 574 1776.

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ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG Golovkin vs Geale Wrap-up & Preview  >>>

OtG OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD | Sun. July 27, 2014

Join the world's number 1 boxing podcast and blogtalkradio's original boxing program, ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG, for the best in boxing talk! The ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG Team is an international cast of the most colorful correspondents in sports media, specializing in news, analysis, commentary, interviews and predictions. ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG is the source boxing professionals and discerning fans go to for inside information.

Despite their mainstream quotability, the ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG Team doesn't compromise attitude or integrity. The show remains underground, independent and raw.

Irish Paddy and the OtG Team join Suge Green each week. Call-in LiVE at (347) 843-4293 or 24/7 on the OtG PUNCH LiNE at (818) 574-1776. Archives stream 24 hours per day at ONTHEGRiNDBOXiNG.COM.

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Las Vegas, Nev. | Fri July 25, 2014

Grind 2 Def Entertainment proudly announces the launch of the Freestyle World Tour. The Freestyle World Tour is a four phase, four year travel tour around the world. Phase One is a tour of Central America, Phase Two is a tour of South America, Phase Three is a tour of Asia & Phase Four is a tour of Europe. The Freestyle World Tour begins on July 25, 2014 departing Las Vegas for Central America. During phase one of the Freestyle World Tour I will be traveling in Central America for the next year documenting my travels.

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