OtG Heavyweights of BOXiNG Talk | Klitschko vs Jennings Wrap-up >>>
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 08:14PM
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OtG OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD | Wed. April 29, 2015

OtG's Heavyweights of BOXiNG Talk with Nino Celic and Irish Paddy Cronan, features the most compelling talk on the sport's open division. Skip the scales and head straight into the OtG ring with this OtG Europe combo.

ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG's Central European Correspondent, Nino Celic is the region's most prolific boxing writer, having served as Editor-in-Chief of Germany's two largest boxing websites. Irish Paddy Cronan is ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG's Western European Correspondent, an international player with a watchful eye on the worldwide boxing scene. Join this OtG Europe tandem for talk that packs a heavyweight punch - ONTHEGRiND. If you'd like Nino and Paddy to share your questions or comments on an upcoming episode, call the OtG PUNCH LiNE 24/7 at (818) 574 1776.

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