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Joe Frazier - The Smoke Will Never Clear Part III >>>

by Alex McIntyre | Mon. Dec. 5, 2011

In early 1971, Smokin' Joe Frazier stood on top of the boxing world. The Heavyweight Champion was twenty-seven years old, and at the absolute peak of his powers. However, having amassed a record of 27-0 with 23 knockouts, and defeating Muhammad Ali in "The Fight of the Century," Joe decided to take a step back from the pugilistic arts to concentrate on his musical talents. Frazier took to the road with his band The Smokin' Joe Musical Revue (who would later become Smokin' Joe and the Knockouts,) and toured Europe and the United States. He entertained the troops on a USO tour, and even found time to make an appearance on the Dean Martin Show.

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Larry Holmes In-depth Part I of III >>>

by Suge Green | Fri. Jan. 21, 2011

Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Larry Holmes joined the world's number one boxing podcast, ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG recently for an in-depth interview encompassing his entire Hall-of Fame career. The champ lived up to his candid reputation on an array of topics including; his humble beginning, his time with Muhammad Ali, Gerry Cooney, George Foreman, the Klitschko brothers, Floyd Mayweather and much more. Check out the excerpt below to learn what one of the sport's true elder statesmen has to say to today's boxing fans.

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Chapter & Verse: Holmes vs. Foreman >>>

by Rev. Ringside | Thu. June 17, 2010
If ever there was a fight that should have happened this was the fight. Two phenomenal champions were in their primes around 1979, but for one reason or another never faced off. After Foreman had lost to Young and after Holmes beat Norton in 1978, the time would've seemingly been perfect. Should they have crossed paths at the time Holmes' record was unblemished at 31(27)-0, Foreman would have stood at 47(44)-2................

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