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Joe Frazier - The Smoke Will Never Clear Part III >>>

by Alex McIntyre | Mon. Dec. 5, 2011

In early 1971, Smokin' Joe Frazier stood on top of the boxing world. The Heavyweight Champion was twenty-seven years old, and at the absolute peak of his powers. However, having amassed a record of 27-0 with 23 knockouts, and defeating Muhammad Ali in "The Fight of the Century," Joe decided to take a step back from the pugilistic arts to concentrate on his musical talents. Frazier took to the road with his band The Smokin' Joe Musical Revue (who would later become Smokin' Joe and the Knockouts,) and toured Europe and the United States. He entertained the troops on a USO tour, and even found time to make an appearance on the Dean Martin Show.

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Joe Frazier - The Smoke Will Never Clear Part II >>>

by Alex McIntyre | Mon. Nov. 28, 2011

On February 16, 1970, before a crowd of 18,079 at Madison Square Garden, Frazier fought the Angelo Dundee-trained Jimmy Ellis to unify the World Heavyweight Championship. It was built as a classic match up with Ellis, the boxing stylist against Frazier the swarmer/pressure fighter. Ellis had come through the elimination tournament defeating Leotis Martin, Oscar Bonavena and Jerry Quarry to take the WBA title. However, he had defended his title just once, gaining a highly debatable decision over former champion Floyd Patterson. Planned fights against Henry Cooper, Bob Cleroux and Gregorio Peralta all fell through for various reasons leaving the champion inactive for almost 17 months, and the betting underdog for the unification against Frazier.

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Joe Frazier - The Smoke Will Never Clear Part I >>>

by Alex McIntyre | Sun. Nov. 20, 2011

The relentless aggression of "Smokin" Joe Frazier manifested as he bobbed and weaved his way through the golden era of heavyweight boxing is one of the most enduring images in boxing history. Frazier represented many things to many people the world over, and accomplished much during his time on this earth and in the fabled squared circle. The first man to beat "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali. The man who rose from the canvas six times to meet the monster that was "Big" George Foreman. The man who showed such unbelievable courage in his death-defying third fight with Ali, that only an intervention from his legendary trainer Eddie Futch could prevent the Philadelphia slugger from continuing with his suicide mission.

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Larry Holmes In-depth Part II of III >>>

by Suge Green | Sat. Jan 22, 2010

Former Heavyweight Champion of the World joined the world's number one boxing podcast, ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG recently for an in-depth interview encompassing his entire Hall-of Fame career. The champ lived up to his candid reputation on an array of topics including; his humble beginning, his time with Muhammad Ali, Gerry Cooney, George Foreman, the Klitschko brothers, Floyd Mayweather and much more. Check out the excerpt below to learn what one of the sport's true elder statesmen has to say to today's boxing fans.

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